Programming Language and Platform for the Development of Conversational Interfaces

Develop Application

Develop your conversational application using the Cuneiform programming language, using our visual programming environment.


Once developed and tested in a local environment, your application can be deployed on a remote environment such as a container, or virtual machine.

Run Anywhere

Connect your app with any conversational system such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Messenger Bot, etc. or even your own custom chatbot or conversational assistant, and run your application anywhere.

Let's get started!

Welcome to Cuneiform documentation. Getting started is easy! To get to learn more about Cuneiform, click a card below, and browse through our resources.

Quick Start

Set up Cuneiform on your device and try out the ChessHelper sample.


Try out the Cuneiform sample projects.


Learn how to work with the Cuneiform language and programming environment.

How it Works

A deep dive into the Cuneiform architecture, and the functionality of each component.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cuneiform.


Contribute to Cuneiform on GitHub